Icon Unforgettable Personality: Late Guru Sahay Lal(1890-1949)

He was born on 10th August 1890 in Badi Village. Under Giriak Block of Nalanda district. He was educated in Hindi, Urdu and Farsi and was B.A, B.L from Kolkata University. He was chairman of Patna district board for a long period. He became Revenue and Land reform minister in 1937 in Bihar Govt. He established many educational institutions in old Patna district. He died on 1949.

Icon Inspiring Person: Late Deosharan Singh(1903-1975)

He was born on 17th August 1903 in Simra Village of Bhojpur district. He was educated in B.N.Collegiate school & B.N.College, Patna. He was pleader in Patna session Court and Barh Lower Court. He was a well known freedom fighter. He became M.L.A in 1946 & Vice president of Bihar Legislative assembly in 1952.He became cabinet minister in Bihar. He became Chairman of Bihar Legislative council in 1965. He died on 9th July 1975.